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Personal Training With Victoria

Victoria prides herself in delivering expert knowledge and advice to her clients. Her goal is to deliver the results you want.

About Victoria

Offering over 10 years experience in the industry!

Over the last decade, I have fallen in love with training and knowing the effects of ageing on the body I'm even more passionate about it now than I was in my 30s. I feel I'm fitter and stronger now at 40 than I was at 25 and following a plant-based diet. Having had injuries and health issues like many of us taught me to understand the body and that no one size fits all when it comes to exercise. Our bodies and minds are all different and what some people may love others may hate. I'm passionate about helping people and seeing results for them. I've worked with men in their 20s to help them achieve muscle mass for women going through menopause to help clients with mobility after surgery. 


Private Gym In South Ferring

With a complete range of resistance machines, free weights and cardio. Plus an outdoor training facility.


“Victoria is a thoughtful and caring personal trainer who encourages her clients to achieve their goals, whilst being mindful of individuals needs. Would definitely recommend!."


" Victoria is so motivating and has a vast amount of knowledge. She really takes her time to undertsand me and my needs. I would strongly recommend!."


“Victoria has taught me so much and made me stronger and fitter than I've ever been. I look forward to my training sessions with her. Hands down the best PT!”
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I'm passionate about what I do and take time to understand and listen to what my clients want and need.


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