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Online Fitness Classes For Women Wanting Results.

Join me for online classes via Zoom, in the comfort of your own home.


About Victoria

Victoria is registered and recognised by REP’s, which is the regulatory body for exercise professionals in the UK Fitness industry. If you are looking for a fully qualified and insured trainer you can be rest assured Victoria is just that. With over 5 years experience in the fitness industry, Victoria has a vast amount of knowledge and understanding of the body.

For further information please visit REP's unique Membership Number R0153799


Join Victoria's Classes

Do you want to tone up and increase your confidence? 

Do you want to understand more about your body and how to exercise most effectively for your shape? 

Victoria's classes are not designed to move in time with the music but more so moving in time with your own body and understanding the exercise and which area of your body it is working.

The classes are as hard as you want them to be, Victoria will always advise what weight each exercise should require but this is not gospel, you decide at the end of the day how hard or how little you want to work in the class.

What you put in you get out. Have you ever been in an exercise class and actually wondered to yourself if your doing the exercise correctly? Well unless you have the guidance of a coach checking on you then your most likely be performing the exercise incorrectly, which in the long run will not give you the results you want to achieve and can increase risk of an injury too. This is why Victoria designed small group classes and another reason why she made them women only too.

"I wanted to provide a service that was different to most gym classes or boot camps, I wanted to make a difference to the women that I am teaching, I wanted them to fully understand and grasp what it is we are doing each week in the classes. Not only this but with a small class of women I can focus on weak areas of their body's and work to develop these areas over time."

Victoria's emphasis throughout each class is technique and form, once you master an exercise you can only go from strength to strength. She use's a range of equipment, from kettle-bells through to resistance bands, classes will always vary to keep the body and mind challenged.

There is a maximum of 12 women per class to ensure you receive Victoria's full attention and to keep the group from over crowding. Each class is one hour long and this includes a ten minute stretching session at the end to increase flexibility. 

Please do not feel nervous - The group are very welcoming and understands everyone needs to start somewhere, there maybe other women who are new to the classes too.


Monday's Class

Time: 17:30 - 18:30

On Monday's class Victoria focuses more on your form and working purely with kettlebells. Each class varies, she will also advise on what weight to be using for each exercise, correcting your form for each exercise where needed to ensure you are performing it correctly and activating the correct muscles and to prevent any injuries.

Kettlebell Workout
Fitness Class

Thursday's class

Time: 17:30 - 18:30

Thursday's Class will be different from Monday's to ensure variation and to be working the different muscles groups. Victoria will always correct your form.

Victoria's emphasis is on lifestyle, what ever you do - do it for life.

There is no quick solution to losing weight and no secrets, it is simply a balance between exercise and healthy eating.


Why Kettlebells

A kettlebell workout can give you total-body toning, increased cardio fitness, core strengthening and improved posture and balance.

Whole body movements which are typical of kettlebell exercises are superior to machines that isolate muscles for improving muscle tone, body composition and strength. Further more, kettlebells strengthen the tendons and ligaments, making the joints tougher and less-susceptible to injury.

The most common kettlebell exercise we use is the swing it is a fantastic exercise to strengthen your body and burn a ton of fat. It develops tremendous power in your hamstrings, glutes, and core, which will improve your other lifts like the squat and deadlift. It also works your lungs and blasts your metabolism because it repeats so quickly.

And even more surprising, an American Council on Exercise (ACE) study found that the average person can burn 400 calories in just 20 minutes with a kettlebell. That's an amazing 20 calories a minute, or the equivalent of running a six-minute mile!

Crossfit Class
Pilates Stretches

Women Only

Although victoria works with both female and males as her clients on an individual basis, her classes are designed purely for women. This creates a fun, cheeky and girly atmosphere and encourages other  women who maybe shy and nervous at joining a class. She also plans and programmes her classes around what women want such as toned tummy's, shapely bottoms and toned arms.

Why Victoria

Victoria cares about each and every one of her ladies. Her clients mean so much more to her, she cares about their health and well being and wants to ensure her ladies are improving getting stronger and fitter and most of all building confidence. Victoria is so particular when training and teaches every exercise from start to finish so she is sure and confident her ladies know what they are doing and why they are doing it.
"I find it so rewarding when I see my clients improving each week/month, I love what I do as it is educating people on a better path."
"My classes have women from 18 up to 70 and it's amazing to what the transformation and determination of these women each week. I enjoy teaching them and having fun whilst doing it."


Class Time Table

Monday's: 17:30 - 18:30

Thursday's: 17:30 - 18:30

Saturday 8:30am - 9:15am


Class Prices

Monthly Membership: £39.95 Per Month (Access all classes)  

Trial Class: £10.00


Terms & Conditions:

Membership subscription is a rolling monthly payment. The first payment will be taken on the day you sign up.

Billing will be every month on the same date as the first initial payment.

If you wish to cancel your subscription at any time you may do so, by emailing and this will be cancelled before the next payment due date.

All bookings are final. No refunds. You will need a PayPal account.

There are no classes on bank holidays or national holiday days such as Christmas or Easter. 

Prices/classes are based on a yearly average. Therefore some months may have more classes than other months, you still pay the same monthly fee. Memberships cannot be shared.

Single class prices are based on per person/per class.


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