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Small Group Training

Enjoy small group training classes with a maximum of 6 people and really reap the benefits of having a personal trainer at the fraction of the cost. 

Understand and learn more about the body parts we train and why, and get the full benefits and corrections you need from these small group classes that you won't get in a commercial gym class.

Have you ever been in an exercise class and actually wondered to yourself if you're doing the exercise correctly? Well unless you have the guidance of a coach checking on you then you could be performing the exercise incorrectly, which in the long run will not give you the results you want to achieve and can increase the risk of an injury too. This is why Victoria designed small group training to give maximum attention to each person.

"I wanted to provide a service that was different to most gym classes or boot camps, I wanted to make a difference to the clients I am teaching, I wanted them to fully understand and grasp what it is we are doing each week in the classes. Not only this but with a small class, I can focus on weak areas of their bodies and work to develop these areas over time."

Victoria's emphasis throughout each class is technique and form, once you master an exercise you can only go from strength to strength. She uses a range of equipment, from machines to kettlebells to resistance bands, and will advise on what weight to use for each person.

There is a maximum of 6 per class to ensure you receive Victoria's full attention. Each class is one hour long and this includes a ten-minute stretching session at the end to increase flexibility. 

Kettlebell Workout
Fitness Class
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Tuesday's Class

Time: 17:30 - 18:30

Each class focuses on different muscles and techniques. Victoria will advise on what weights to be using along with correcting your form for each to ensure you are performing it correctly activating the correct muscles and preventing any injuries.

Thursday's class

Time: 18:00 - 19:00

Thursday's Class will be different from Tuesday's to ensure variation and to be working on the different muscles groups. Victoria will always correct your form.

Saturday's Class

Time: 09:00 - 10:00

You'll follow along with Victoria as she takes you through a workout just using a step. Victoria will explain each movement so don't worry you don't need to stay in time to the music. It's great fun and a sweaty one to get your body moving.


Sign Up

Monthly Membership

£89.99 Per Month

Before signing up, you'll be required to book a one to one session with Victoria as an introduction. This will cover mobility and some of the main exercises we do in the class such as the squat and deadlift technique.

Client Testimonials

Reviews from current clients.

I’ve been going going to Victoria’s classes for just over 3 months and I love it, in fact I hate missing any session. I wanted somewhere local that I could make part of my routine and I could feel comfortable being part of. The group is really friendly and not at all judgemental. Victoria is a great teacher and really takes time to give you one to one advice and support; correcting and adjusting movements so you are targeting the right part of your body. In the short time I’ve been going I can feel a difference in my fitness and strength and I feel better in myself. It’s not a quick fix but you can feel the results. I would definitely recommend giving the classes a go- you will ache though initially!!!


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